Sunset Country Properties (or Sunset CP as it is more commonly known) is positively the Numero Uno estate agency in the Archidona/Iznajar/Loja region of Andalucia. No-one else even comes close! I absolutely stand by that! They know absolutely everyone and everything that is happening property-wise in the region and have an incredibly strong and stable set-up (between them, Marcel and Lesley have over 35 years experience working in the property market) with an office-base in Archidona. However, from experience, they will happily meet clients at any given location within their region. Wherever we went within their specialist Andalucian region, when we were looking for property, and word got out that we were property hunting, people in bars and restaurants (Spanish and and Ex-Pats alike) would ask: "Are you with Marcel and Lesley?" Luckily, we could always answer in the positive.

The customer service offered by Marcel and Lesley is second-to-none and they are always, instantly, responsive (forget Manana where these guys are concerned - if you have a problem or a query then they are immediately on-the-case); between them, they speak five languages. They are totally straight and there are no hidden extras at the end of the day - everything is upfront and open. Needless to say I cannot recommend them highly enough! They are in the words of Tina Turner: 'Simply the best!' Oh, and did I mention that I like them both, very much!

Graham Mulvein

June 2016

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